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Checking it off the list

Check it off the list! Bud Light neon sign is hung up at the bar. The number one question I get asked is how did I come up with the name Black Rabbit Volleyball. I am writing an entire story about that soon, but for now, here is another interesting question I get a lot. When did you know you could do this? Well, I still don't know, but I try my absolute hardest every day. Somedays are harder than others, but there is a huge reward at the end of each day. I guess I really thought I was gonna try this about 7 years ago. It was before I had a name for my tournaments, it was before I had my son, and it was before I got laid off from my sales job. It was when it was just Tim's Friday night blind draw. It was when I struggled to get 5 teams to play in a tournament once a month. It was when I bought this sign. I found this Bud Light sign on Craigslist and bought it as quick as I could. Miranda asked me what I intended on doing with it and I told her that one day, I would hang it up at our bar. She laughed and I hung it up in my garage for a couple of years. Then a buddy, Gary Hominick bought a house and had a really sweet bar set up, so I lent it to him and said that I would need it back someday for my bar. Well, life changes, family status changes, marital status changes, but most importantly, bar status changed. There have been a lot of things that have happened since I picked this up in a Kroger parking lot, but the best thing is that I have been able to keep my word to Miranda and Gary. So today, on the rainiest day of this week, I am checking one more thing off my list. Come check it out soon!

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